Biodegradable Food Packaging Products in Bangalore

As a writer by profession, I was intrigued when I came across the term “plastisphere.” It was not available in the dictionary, but it was present on Google. Perhaps it is a new term coined to describe the impact of plastics on ecosystems. Life is drawn to any floating object in the oceans. The plastisphere is composed of the microbial community on plastic debris, which overshadows the natural environment in its ability to span multiple biomes on Earth.

Although human-made debris has been entering the oceans for hundreds of years, microplastics now outnumber marine debris and are primarily colonized by microbial and other microscopic life. Recycling is one part of the solution needed to create a circular economy for plastics to maintain life and reduce its impact on our environment. Waste is converted into raw materials, which keeps materials in use and reduces the need for virgin plastic.

Even though the industry had a circular economy, it was majorly driven by corporate social responsibility initiatives. However, the shift in mindset has already begun, and businesses now see it as a source of competitive advantage and an essential component of brand building.

Evirocor has come a long way since its inception in 2014. It has emerged as one of the most potent brands advocating for environmental causes. Its Sustainable Oko Food Packaging Products manufacturing division at Bangalore produces a plethora of biodegradable containers which are slowly replacing single-use plastics in food packaging industry.

Evirocor has made a name for itself in a short period of time by acquiring various clients and working relentlessly on customer feedback to develop new innovative products. Evirocor also understands that the packaging of a brand reflects its identity. Clients who value sustainability and want to demonstrate it to their valued customers prefer Evirocor’s food-friendly, 100 percent biodegradable, home compostable, and recyclable Oko packaging.

Many types of single-use food packaging materials that harm nature and the environment can be replaced by Oko brand. Evirocor’s patented manufacturing technology produces a one-of-a-kind, water-tight food-friendly packaging material that outperforms plastics, aluminium foil, and paper in terms of durability, strength, insulation, and visual impact.

Oko’s Sustainable Food Packaging Products are not only higher in quality than their plastic counterparts but are also easily recyclable and have a negligible carbon footprint. Furthermore, the Evirocor team is dedicated to providing its clients with a delightful experience. The entire work process is transparent, the paperwork is genuine, the Oko product delivery time is short, and the client feedback is regularly recorded and addressed.

Recently, Evirocor began posting their customers’ success stories on their website via blog. The customers’ thoughts on Oko products were collected beforehand and posted online alongside their story. This demonstrates that Evirocor is genuinely collaborating with its clients and working to improve the quality of its products and supply chain based on their valuable feedback. This analysis not only assists Evirocor in identifying any gaps but also provides insight into emerging market demands.

In less than one decade, Evirocor has established itself as a market leader in Sustainable Food Packaging Products industry. With its dedicated team and esteemed clientele, Evirocor’s story has just begun.

By Gaurav Khattar

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